LayRed engineered vinyl flooring.

Renovating your house?  
LayRed® floors for every challenge.
Renovating your house?  
LayRed® floors for every challenge.

Strong vinyl with integrated underlay

LayRed is a 'rigid' flooring solution, unlike the other 'flexible' Moduleo design floors. The 12 layers make LayRed exceptionally strong and suitable for any type of room or home.

Perfect flooring solution for renovation

Thanks to its hard core, LayRed manages to bridge small openings and unevenness in the existing floor (e.g. tile joints). Leveling the existing floor first is unnecessary. The integrated underlay captures all imperfections and the compact core prevents pits and bumps from becoming visible on the floor surface.

Strong and stable in all conditions

Parquet and laminate remain living materials. LayRed, on the other hand, does not guarantee a change in shape under the influence of moisture, bright sunlight or temperature fluctuations (provided that an expansion joint is applied). Multiple fibreglass layers strengthen the core and guarantee a flat floor everywhere.

Resistant to dents

Our engineered vinyl floors are dent-free; the top layer of the strong core is so compact that there are no permanent prints of heels or furniture legs. If the pressure falls away, the material simply returns to its original form. That's what we call the memory effect of Moduleo.

A pleasant soft and warm feeling

The middle layer of LayRed creates a soft and warm feeling: the acoustic layer is elastic and reacts resiliently to your body weight. And with that, LayRed crowns itself the champion in comfort within the rigid vinyl sector.

Our material also has better insulation properties: its temperature remains comfortable in every season. So don't suffer from cold feet, even if you're standing on a LVT floor with tile design. LayRed is also suitable for underfloor heating.

Excellent acoustics in the home

In a world that groans under sound pollution, silence is much appreciated, especially at home. The acoustic layer in the middle absorbs the walking sound: no crackling or annoying clicking sounds when you step across the floor. In addition, the integrated underlay also reduces transmission noise. And that's what your neighbours like as much as you do.

The sound-dampening properties are demonstrably better than those of ceramic tiles, laminate, parquet and other rigid vinyl floors.


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Floors with hyper-realistic design

The LayRed collection consists of 48 stunning designs, inspired by authentic wood and stone patterns, and fully developed in-house. The razor-sharp details and the few repetitions give the floors their true-to-life look. Plenty of choice to find a floor that meets all your expectations.

Embossed in register-structure

LayRed floors feel lifelike thanks to the embossing process or relief print. With some LayRed boards, we go even further: embossed in register technology ensures that the texture is perfectly in sync with the design, for a hyper-realistic look and feel. Every detail comes to life; thanks to the relief structure, you can see and feel the depth of the wood grains and knots. The double coating also gives the surface a nice matte appearance.

Finished with fine 4-sided bevels

LayRed planks have fine 4-sided bevels, for a true-to-life look and feel. Each plank has its own unique finish, adapted to the character of the wood. The tiles are also bevelled, so that a joint is created around it.


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Wear resistant, scratch and stain resistant

With its 0.5mm thick wear layer planks with 'embossed in register' technology  LayRed is top of the class in its category. The TwinGuard PU protective layer ensures superior scratch and stain resistance and protects the floor from penetrating dirt. This way, LayRed remains intact and beautiful for a long time, even in the most extreme conditions.


Water resistent and easy to maintain

Vinyl repels water and the protective TwinGuard PU layer reinforces that effect. This makes LayRed super easy to maintain, for a lifetime of worry-free enjoyment.


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