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Quick and easy installation

One of the advantages is the quick installation in four easy steps. You can easily place this step panelling over an existing step, without having to demolish it. Thanks to the strong core and integrated subfloor, LayRed spans openings and unevenness in no time. The ideal solution for renovation projects.

1. Remove dust and grease.
2. Check whether the surface is flat enough. Minor unevenness, such as dents, poses no problem. Where the surface is more uneven or if there are bulges, then you need to make the surface more even.
3. Start with the top step. Measure = find out = saw. In short: measure first, saw your board to the desired size and then stick on.  
4. Work from the top downwards Do you want to make sure the result is perfect? Have the floor installed by a professional Moduleo fitter.