In order for you to enjoy our high-quality flooring for many years, we recommend that you allow for the following issues during installation:   

  • prepare the subfloor adequately  
  • let your newly purchased flooring acclimatise adequately  
  • draw up a working plan or a diagram of how you plan to arrange the floor  
  • process the flooring according to the rules

If you want to preserve the new aspect of your flooring for a longer term, pursue a correct maintenance and keep in mind the following items:

  • clean your flooring  immediately after installation
  • maintain your floor daily
  • plan a thorough maintenance after a prolonged and intensive use
  • provide appropriate dirt barriers such as doormats.


Detailed instructions:

- Moduleo CLICK Design Floors (PDF)
- Moduleo DRYBACK Design Floors (PDF)

 For adhesive recommendations, click here.


Video installation Moduleo Click:


Video installation Moduleo Dryback: